Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baby baby.

Nothing "new" to report- just posting cuteness.

This is Matey in his pack-n-play, there's a cord going from corner to corner diagonally and he loves holding it and walking up and down with it.

He can see them but he just can't touch them!

Here is Matey wearing one of our tree skirts as a ... robe? cape?

One word: Weird-o.

Matey LOVES to play piano.

Love for thePirate, and everyone else this holiday seasonings!

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Valinda said...

We're all about everyday cuteness here! The pictures were loved by all. George likes him getting the cord. Jr. thinks if you put all your DVD's in a case like ours he couldn't touch them then either. Fred couldn't be pulled away from the movie on TV.