Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh, are you still here?

You are? Well then, perhaps I should get off my lazy tushie and post some pictures!

We got back from Texas, it snowed the day we left. Everyone there loved Matey and he LOVED his GrandMa and Aunt Crystal.

None of these photos are actually from our Texas adventure... those are still in Texas...

But Thanksgiving was Yummy and it was fun to see AuntBekiandUncleDan and we did lots of shopping.

Mateys fabulous koala space robe is from Cooks Children Hospital.

He had been running a fever but then started screaming at 5am (I was pretty sure it was just gas but we decided to be safe instead of sorry) so we went to the hospital and by 5:30 when we got there he was fine again. Just fussy from the fever. And it was just gas. Or possibly a night terror but I'll have to ask Mateys Dr if its possible at his age. The only possibility for Milk was the bread used for the stuffing (which Matey ate in real life and through the breastmilk).

Overall we had lots of fun and can't wait until April when we get to go back, but with thePirate!


An Wanna said...

Oh no! He got moss on his head!

Grammy said...

He wears the space robe like a pro! I still am NOT a fan of the moss hat... takes all kinds and Grammy is just not a moss green kind~ ;-Þ