Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dear Santa

I have been a VERY good boy this year.

I test the strength of Grammys printer and give it an A+.

I help people write on the computer whenever possible.

I finish every last bite of food I'm given.
I help my Mommy unload the dish washer.

See, I've been the best little boy in the world. So for Christmas I want thePirate back home to play with, ok?

*as a side note I will not be doing santa with Matey, Santa being real and all of that won't be happening.

Also: Matey climbing up the dishwasher was a re-enactment of true events. I was putting dishes away and thought he was standing on the floor banging the bottom rack, and turned to find him standing on the lid banging the top rack. In the photo I'm holding on to him but in real life he was unsupported and giving me a heart attack.

While he does do a really good job of eating food- in the stuffing his face picture he's been given a piece of candy.


Grammy said...

YEAH! Candy, candy, candy ! ! !
except no more 'cause he was up ALL NIGHT - Yeesh ! ! !

Valinda said...

Did you know you can rotate pictures before uploading them? I still continue to amaze and shock people with the fact that we don't have Santa at our house. They kind of just blink and then say ... ok?

An Wanna said...

As another side note he does usually have pant put on him put he likes to crawl and/or walk out of them.