Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nose Bleeds arn't fun

We were taking cute pictures of Matey for thePirate,

See: we're mailing Matey to thePirate

And then Matey pitched his weight forward and tumbled down the couple steps and onto the hardwood.

Sorry, no pictures of his bloody nose.

But here are some of us together because thePirate keeps wanting pictures of me too.

Matey however doesn't like to share the lime-light...

and refused to behave.

There were several more pictures but he wasn't looking and I didn't look good.



Grammy said...

He was very happy in the box and kept trying to get the flaps to fold, his idea, not mine. Mommy had her hand out to steady the box and when I assured her I had a good grip on it she pulled her hand away and he pitched forward to see where she was going, or to catch her... he had been totally into the flaps and ignoring mommy and the flashy box. He HATES getting hurt, takes it VERY personally.
You always look good and he looks like a kissie boy in the last one!

An Wanna said...

I was not involved in this one. I would have been like hey maybe lets not put the baby in a box on a stair...

The Pirate said...

LOL Well he seem none the worse for wear. Tough kid. You look beautiful Tami, and you're right your hair from what I can see is very straight now :( Sadness, no big fatty mess :( But you still look gorgeous and the Chugga is soooo big I can't wait to see the both of you and the rest of the family.