Monday, December 13, 2010

Hold On To Your Butts

Ha ha ha! I have a computer that works with my camera and the internets! Now I just have to wait for my battery charger to get here and I can take up to date pictures!

These are a little older: between september and october

Isn't he just such a happy baby?

OK, so maybe the people that call him a girl aren't completely insane.
He was helping the comcast person at thePirates house install internet there.
So cute.
His hair has darkened up since this was taken. He's still blonde, just more dirty now.

Well there you go! I'm going to try and put something up every day this week, so check back often!


Grammy said...

We be checking hourly! I mean with Uncle Buh and Uncle JonE and Grammy all in one place it'll be at LEAST hourly!
I can hardly wait to hug him and kiss him and feed him m&ms! OOPs, did I type that?

An Wanna said...

Are you sure his hair darkened and it isn't just him playing in dirt? He really likes dirt & other messy thing. It seems like the second you clean him up he goes to find a way to get dirty again...