Sunday, December 19, 2010

So about posting everyday...

I should re-name him Calvin (as in hobbes). He would be adorable and then sense the camera on him and screw his face up. While talking to myself I said "you just have to shut your eyes don't you?" he heard me and then refused to open his eyes at all whatsoever.

But at least he's smiling.... mostly...
I was trying to get him to open his eyes. He kept stabbing himself in his eye while saying the word instead.
Getting ready in the morning about to brush our teeth.
Helping move the laundry basket.
He's so helpful, won't even let me lift a finger.
I think this is the one where I said the thing about his eyes.
Matey is the best pusher.
He looks nekkid but wants you to know that he's not.
And last but not least- the most open he felt like showing his eyes this morning.
These are all fresh from today and there are lots to help make up for the fact that I was delinquent. Sorry about that.


An Wanna said...

So cute! I didn't think he had ever had a haircut but his bangs are much sorter than the rest of his hair.

Valinda said...

He has your same baby kid hair cut!!

Grammy said...

Child Labor Laws! I just KNOW they are being violated here ;-Þ
The flash was too bright Mommy, he is just protecting his baby blues.
We know he isn't nekkid - you have carpet and HE has standards, eyes closed for photos apparently being one of those...