Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pcitures of the Matey boy (Look! I've updated!)

This is at great grandma's house (she's great). It's just a random little creek that we found and since how I wouldn't let him go in the river I let him play in it.

The fig leaf is from a peek-a-boo book of his that he felt like ripping out of the book.

I think it's great.

This is on the plane... I don't know if it was the flight to Las Vegas or SeaTac or Boise... he's just a cutie.

Living up to being thePirates son.

His hands are being held for a reason however- he was not a fan of them (but he doesn't really like anything on his head).


An Wanna said...

He looks different in the airplane pic. Maybe it is because he doesn't have a definite expression on his face and isn't actively getting into something...

Karen Valinda said...

I hope thePirate sees these AND comments...Matey is SUCH the sweetie!

JanuskieZ said...

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