Sunday, June 6, 2010

Here ya go Folks

The Matey boy, shoving chocolate in his mouth.

He had found someones unprotected candy bar in his reach...

He lives under the oven. Every day he unloads the obstacles and climbs in for bed.
(OK not really, but he does love unloading the drawer and climbing in)

One day Matey found a jalenpeno popper in his reach it was still frozen and Tastey! That is until it thawed a bit and jalenpeno juice got in his mouth.

If you eat a sticky old peep and then touch easter grass, it sticks on your hand real swell!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I'll try harder. He weighs 19lbs 6oz and is 31" long. He's walking more but its still mostly for show or to get attention.


Valinda said...

When you're here we're going to need to go shopping and buy him new clothes. He's wearing the same shirt 2 posts in a row...we'll also feed him anything he wants.

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!