Friday, May 7, 2010

He did it AGAIN!

This is more than likely left over easter candy. It's a good shot of his faux-hawk too.

This is I know is easter candy. Hopefully this was also the last time he was in that particular car seat.

thePirate wears kilts (maybe he's an Irish Pirate) and to keep hims legs warm he wears long socks. Matey decided that he needed to wear them too.

He fell asleep again! With just snuggles! No nursing!

It was bedtime, we laid down, I tried to nurse him, he wasn't so interested, I decided that I'd give him a while to wind down, he just kept fidgeting/rolling around, I started to sing softly to him, he snuggled down and... fell asleep!

From like 10:20pm to 1somthing am! And then he slept from then to 6:45am when he woke up!

I'll let him wake up earlier without complaint if he'll fall asleep on his own and stay that way.

FYI- it's sad but true that him sleeping from 10-1 is an accomplishment. He usually wakes up around midnight if not 11 most nights to eat some more.

Things he's doing: trying to whistle.
I don't think it's on purpose that he's whistling, he like to make quasi-monkey noises forming an "o" and breathing in and out and recently on the exhales I've caught him making very soft whistling.
tottering around.
Before he would only take a few tottering "steps" towards me but now he'll take them away from me as well. It's still not regular (only once or twice a week) but I thought I'd include it because if he's walking yet is a major question I get. I don't include these totters as "steps" per say because it's more falling with style than walking. He'll lean towards something and then realize he needs to be just a bit closer or he'll land on his face so he moves a foot a few inches.

That's everything really new that he's doing. He's still cute and fun to watch.

Love for thePirate

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