Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i WILL scream

So it seems very likely that I am allergic/sensitive to milk.

I still hold that Matey had issues with it when he was younger (gave him bad gas) but now it seems to not phase him at all.

It does seem to be negatively affecting me.

Not gas like he got, but headaches and fatigue.

I had started eating milk again to see if it would bother Matey on the 17th and everything went great. On the 18th I didn't eat any milk. On the 19th I had some more, worried it might have been too much. He's been great, a little stinky but nothing painful for him. I had a crushing headache last night and woke up completely tired.

I know being tired might not seem weird- I have a 1 year old now, but... not like "give me 5 min" but "give me 5 hours".

So now that I have less fear it will do harm to my darling precious I'll experiment with how much/what kind of dairy affects me.


Karen Valinda said...

On a positive note it may explain the mystery headaches that plagued you in High School and why your symptoms were so severe when your thyroid wasn't off "enough" to cause such disruption...and we will figure out how to please your palate without unleashing the pain and fatigue! You are such the sweetie, Matey and I know exactly how blessed we are to be spending our days with you! Ask us! xoxoxox

Me said...

you should ask a dr if that's really possible, b/c it seems really weird to me...