Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Matey Boy!

Matey is One Year Old TODAY!!!

He had lots of fun last week with thePirate in TX.

This was at the Ft.Worth Botanical Gardens (Very cool- shell out the couple of bucks for the Japanese Garden it's worth it).

This is Matey and Mommy at the ZOO! They had bronze animals outside of several displays and we took lots of photos. (This is an elephant)

These three are all at the Botanical Gardens.

Matey is in charge and livin' large.

He can: Stand unsupported, Walk assisted (push a toy in front of himself and walk), Scribble with a crayon, Understands "leave it alone", Stoops from standing, Loves putting things into/taking things out of everything, Gestures what he wants with an outstretched hand, Takes off clothing, Eats with fingers, Imitates others, and SO much more!

He can't wait to show off his new skills to all of you- plan your visit to us today!

(more TX pictures to follow in a late post)

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Karen Valinda said...

Mommy won... Grammy said he would smoosh the candle with a slap of his palm, Mommy said he would carefully take his finger and put it in the flame. As he was proving mommy right she carefully blew the flame out so his little chubby pointing finger came down on the glowing wick.
He liked the cake much better when it was just a single slice on his tray... that whole big cake was in the way!
He is less verbal than he was 3 weeks ago... when his whole world changed and Daddy became a real person and Grandma, Aunt Sherry and Aunt Crystal reappeared - along with an awesome baby... but he just seems more mature and expects to be waited on more, happens when you travel and people cater to you more 'cause you don't have your own familiar stuff. He does realize Grammy likes him to talk so he will humor me and mimic the noises I make...hey, it guarantees there are m&ms in the top drawer, ya know!