Thursday, April 22, 2010


(A picture from Easter)

I love my little Matey, he's the best. SO smart.

... sometimes too smart?

Before he went through a phase where everything I fed him he wanted to put into his mouth. If I slipped something into it he would spit it out, look at it and then place it back into his own mouth. Now he's doing something a little different: He demands that if I'm eating something with a fork, he needs to eat it with a fork too. But his own fork, and he needs to put the food on the fork.

Luckily he lets me help put the food on the fork because he can't. I'm sure it's a milestone and that it's a good thing but seriously... it's annoying. He has more fun putting the food on the fork than he does eating it, so when his mouth is full he just spits it all out and (generally) stabs it with the fork and it starts all over again...

In other news he is a standing fiend and I'm sure will be tottering around soon.


Valinda said...

I think you should put a new picture of Matey up every day! I think we will need to send Matey some silverware all his own. Maybe we'll also send a WalMart gift car along as well so you can buy some food for him to put on the forks.

Karen Valinda said...

The best part is the timing... it is warming up now so he can do his tottering "outside" which is his very favorite place to be ;-}
He looks like he is on a sugar high already in that Easter photo, without adding the piece of candy he is holding!!!

Me said...

awww, i want to live by him...