Monday, April 26, 2010

Light at the End of the Tunnel

This is at the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens.

It's the "Birth of Love" ... statue?

Matey looks cute anyway.

So last night I got hope (even if it was false) that Matey just might be able to sleep by himself before he's 12. I was feeding him to sleep and he wasn't interested and started playing with my phone so I let him play for 15 min and then hid my phone and tried to feed him on the second side.

He ate for a bit and then again came off and I figured he just needed to unwind some more, so I let him crawl off and just played dead hoping he'd crawl back and whine and then eat and fall asleep (which is what usually happens when I play dead).

But no! Matey crawled over me and nestled against my back and fell asleep! With nothing in his mouth! I still couldn't move without him twitching, and he didn't sleep the whole night through or anything, but him falling asleep with no aid is a wonderful and big step for him/us.

It gives me hope that some day just maybe he'll be done nursing altogether.


Valinda said...

Someday ... some how ... somewhere Oh wait wrong situation but it's nice that he did that for you!

Grammy said...

Then you will get very old and fondly remember when he used to snuggle with you...