Sunday, April 24, 2011

It *was* his birthday shout "Hooray!"

He woke up early and ate breakfast and played a game with George (that's what the mask is from).
 Then they played out in V's sand box. 
 Then out in the dust/dirt/gravel.
 and then in more dirt/dust/rocks.
 And for lunch he's had chicken nuggets and french fries. 
 And a Lollipop treat.
 and if you can make it out: he got an indian shooting a bow on his birthday.
 He was a happy lovey baby and had a great time.

We went to the camp site/the Grand Canyon on his birthday and I wanted to do a travel post as well so this is  a little short/unexciting. But tomorrow there is more- so come back. 


An Wanna said...

Even on his birthday he only gets two toys in the car?

Tami said...

Even on his birthday. (actually he had more and simply just these two made it in the picture)