Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pictures by Matey

At V's house before we left for our trip. Picture includes: George, Marshmallow, and V
 V and marshmallow
 The train seat in front of us. 
 Taken from the train, of a Grand Canyon parking lot.
 The red car from the above picture. 
A pile of pine needles that the girls collected to toss on to the fire when grownups weren't looking.  
 The railroad tie that was the boundary line for our camp area.
 There was an outdoor sink area for people to wash dishes, you can see the floor, the side wall (it went up to counter height) and his finger.
 A jumble of Mommy and Matey body parts, taken at the sink area, he's sitting on the counter while I wash dishes in the outside sink. 
 Rock with moss at GC. 
 Picture of dirt at GC. 
 Another rock, this one he climbed. 
 Extreme close up of a rock in the sunlight. ... not his best work...
 Picture of Abuela (she came with Abeulo to pick us up at the airport). 
 The roof of Abuelo's van. 
He took more but these were the ones that had the least amount of fingers. 

Come back tomorrow for pictures of: The Grand Canyon Day 2. 

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Grammy said...

Matey is amazing, especially with the aid of a great editor!!! Crisp focus on Abuelo's dome light, eh? I like the composition of his pine needle shot, off to the side with scattered ones leading the eye to the pile, nice follow thru to have the car from the parking lot, George probably had a smile worth sharing but this adds mystery to her personna. I am NOT biased!