Friday, April 29, 2011

Other People

Unlike most of the pictures I've posted suggest, we did in fact not go to the GC alone but with AuntVdonn and her wonderful Family. Why haven't I posted more pictures of them then? Well I'm apparently a little self centered and did not take very many pictures including them and even less that are just them. Sorry. 

Fred and George watering the tree with Matey. 
 Hey look- Fred's driving!
 She looks super comfortable in that seat too. 
 Elcid, V, George and one of the only pictures of Jr. I could find on my camera.
 George sat in front of us on the train and was the most in love with Matey (mostly because she could boss him and he would usually listen, he would listen to the other girls too but with George being the youngest she thought it was coolest) so I have the most pictures/half pictures of her. 
 This is a bad picture of the squirrel but includes Elcid so we're adding it.
 I don't know if he ever noticed, but on the train home there was a guy and his son in front of George who had an iPad and she sat like this for a long while. 
 Fred and Matey boy.
 Elcid and V packing up the tent. 

... sorry... I have more pictures that include the other people but they're all just pictures of Matey with other people in the way sort of thing. Next time I'll take more purposeful pictures of other people, especially when they're so nice to bring us along with them. 

Come back tomorrow for pictures of: Matey and Mommy.


An Wanna said...

Hey you took pictures of your child. It's not your fault that you didn't get the memo to take pictures of everyone....

Grammy said...

next time take a second camera that has a label that sez FRIENDS on it and it will remind you!
Or something ;-}
Nice pictures, and it seems Ddonn must have gotten a nice close up of the squirrel lol
Love you and your cutie boy xoxoxox
wv: marbolus Christopher is marbolus!

Grammy said...

I came back but apparently got here before the pictures of Matey and Mommy! I'll be back!! xoxoxox