Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Grand Canyon Day 1

Before the train was a little western skit with cowboys and horses. Matey Loved the horses so after the show we went down and got a picture with one of the actors and his ride. If you pay attention Matey is leaning towards the bridal and as you can't see he managed to grab the bridal and spook the horse a little bit and it lipped at him (you know how horses will sometimes lip-bite you as a warning?) and then the cowboy had to back it up and calm it down.
 Aside from the horses what was Matey's favorite part? Shaking the chain that keeps people from walking onto the tracks.
 On the train! And just so you know: It's a two (2) hour train ride, V will keep this information from you so I'm letting you in on the secret.
 On the train again and the window is MUCH more exciting than the camera.
 Eating lunch at the Grand Canyon by the train tracks.
 Running away from the Mommy and falling into some cacti but he's a quick learner and didn't do it again.
 Playing in dirt. See this outfit he has on? Plaidish shirt and green pants. At least half of the people who said he was cute called him a girl in this outfit. People are dumb/blind.
 Figured I should let you know what we were looking at. 
 Running away from Mommy was his favorite game all morning, this time he ran and sat in a chair in front of some cabins. 
 Hooray for AuntVdonn! There was a leash at the gift shop and she got it for us. 
 Yummy ice cream. 
 Squirrel! There were lots of signs that said not to feed the wildlife but it was obvious people were not paying attention to them because the squirrels at least were Very friendly. 
 Matey and Mommy.
 I know the shot is blurry but I still like it. 
 If you also enjoy playing in dirt like Matey does he would highly recommend visiting the Grand Canyon. They have LOTS of dirt and best of all: no one else was playing in it! He got it all to himself. 
 This is a class of second graders on a field trip that Matey sat with for a while. At first I tried to get him to come away but was informed by several of the female students that he was really ok to sit with them and it was alright. I decided that if the adults weren't complaining I wouldn't pull him away. 
 there were several stumps that had the insides rotted a little and he kept hopping in and sitting in them for 2 seconds and then getting back out. This is the best picture of it I got. 
 There was a rock missing and Mateys little butt fit right in it.
 Playing with a dandelion head. 
 There were kids climbing trees and Matey climbed it too! He got into higher places than this but I didn't want to let him go to take the picture. 
 On the train ride home the cowboys from earlier came through and robbed us. It was pretty cute and had Matey not been sleeping and woken up by the robbery I might have let them "rob" him too. However you can tell from his face how excited he was being woken up. 
The first day was pretty cool it was all by the same area, for those of you who have been there where the majority of the giftshops and restaurants and lots of stuff all together. We had lots of fun but I liked the second day better. 

Come back tomorrow for: Pictures by Matey. 


Grammy said...

I know to go dressed for dirt when I visit the Grand Canyon, thanks Matey!
Looks like he had lots of fun and you got lots of exercise! Go Matey!

Valinda said...

BRING SOMETHING TO DO, WE WILL BE ON THE TRAIN MOST OF THE DAY. I'm not sure how much more clear I could have been!!!!!! We loved having Matey along he was one of the best parts of the trip!!