Saturday, April 23, 2011

Near The Edge

I just got to say Grand Canyon- this dude looks like he's having fun.

 (This is the official Grand Canyon logo for falling off and was posted everywhere) If I had been in charge they would be horizontal or upside down, not looking like he's doing a cannon ball. They should have got the guy who did the 'danger zone' picture. 

This guy is obviously NOT having fun and when I do go into the actual Canyon I'll make sure to avoid the Danger Zone. (This is another official Grand Canyon logo/picture).

For all you scardey cats: I was using caution. And Matey was loving it.
See my new Facebook profile picture for what I think is a better picture of this pose.

 See- I took the baby off for this one.
 This is where I was standing/sitting so people could see that there was not a handy ledge 10 feet down in case I fell. I was going to take a picture straight down but when I leaned over for it I felt a little vertigo and settled for this one instead.
 This shot was to show that it really was at the Grand Canyon.
 Oh please- He's on a leash and V is right there...
 See he'd have to push her off first and I'd have to let go of the leash.
All this week I will be putting on more pictures of our trip so come back everyday and look forward to such posts as: Dirty Matey, Pictures by Matey, Matey's birthday, All about Mommy, and much much more!


Valinda said...

LOL Awesome!! I'll be sure to send my traffic your direction as well.

Grammy said...

wonderfully amazing photos! When I tried to get JE to say they were scary HE said "they look like fun" and "since I am afraid of heights it is your imagination mom"... right! Like I don't know someone who has been bribed when I hear them!
They could make a warning poster by putting my face viewing these photos on it!!! OK, so it isn't THAT bad, the photos, but my insides ARE crawling. xoxoxox
wv: chanting, seriously, Grammy kept chanting, my kids are safe, my kids are safe, ad infinitum

An Wanna said...

I am never going to the Grand Canyon with you two! I don't think my nerves could take it! And by you two I mean V & Matey's mom....