Monday, April 18, 2011


We know you've been waiting for them! Here are pictures of The Spring Fair


 There's an alligator in there- I promise
 Blue Rango
 Iguana (on the branch on the left)
 Being a caterpillar crawling through a log
 Showing off the bugs he won in Plinko
 Playing with giant legos
 Working in an army tank of some sort
 Chasing bubbles
 He was WAY more interested in the actual rubber ducky than the plush one that was his prize.
 Playing music on the ... music thing...

We had a LOT of fun and he was sad to leave but it was past nap time. There are more pictures that I'll be putting up later, hope these tide you over until we get back from the Grand Canyon. 

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Karen Valinda said...

So wish we had been there... next year! He looks like he had a Great time ;-} xoxoxox

wv:yopingl, what the alligator was doing while he waited for Chugga's fingers to fit thru the mesh :-Þ