Monday, April 25, 2011


This is packing in Las Vegas.

 All packed and ready to go, go, go, go!
 Setting up camp (without tent instructions!)
 Look- It's Matey sized!
 Cooking with the easy bake oven. It was a little scary for the fact that on the picnic table it was face height and I was cooking bacon, so every time it spat I flinched. 
 Yay for a tent!
 It's like one of the best things ever!
 Ohhh... Fire...
 Our first campfire. 
 Drinking Hot Cocoa with a Spoon.
 The showers at the campsite. 
 Playing in the dirt.
 Roasting mallows.
 Mommy's marshmallow. Aint it purdy?
 Playing in different dirt. 
In the tent with a cute boy. 
 Packing up for home Las Vegas.
 Look at me helping.
 All packed and ready to go.

Matey LOVED camping. It took him no time at all to realize that when he woke up in the morning all he had to do was get someone to unzip the tent and he would be Outside! Now if only that lazy Mommy would get up with him and the sun at 6:50 and get the tent flap out of his way he would be more than happy to leave her alone. 

For the most part the other campers were cool (dumb people from California kept going WAY fast and in the wrong direction), we were literally right next door to the bathrooms/showers and it wasn't a packed camp so there was never a line. 

We had a super good time and now I know that Matey really will be fine on more camping trips. Although if we were to go without the girls he'd need to be tied to a tree or something to keep him from exploring (it was really nice to just say: hey Fred/George/Jr make sure Matey doesn't walk off). 

I can't wait to get another camping trip put together, maybe sometime this summer...


Grammy said...

It looks like it was amazing! He does love the Outside. If you go camping again you might need to do more to help than just smile pretty at the camera... just sayin'
I love the pictures, more! more!

An Wanna said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun! Does V's purple/blue tote thing still have the closures on it? Mine broke off years ago....