Monday, April 11, 2011


I love hearing him say water. When he says it by himself (not prompted) it's like he doesn't know where to end it (like kids don't know when to end bananananana) but I haven't been able to capture him just saying it. 

He used to not say "water" at all, would just point and whine and when I said "water" would make an agreeing sound BUT after watching Despicable Me he decided that I was mis pronouncing it and the minions had it right as "walalala" or "laolaoalaol".

(In the beginning when Gru is calling his minions together there are several around a watercooler and they're laughing over the bubbles that come up when you get a drink and mimic the noise.)

His smile right before he grabs for the camera is super cute too. 


Valinda said...

Uhm, he's drinking juice, are you confused or what?

Karen Valinda said...

too cute~ and I am with Ddonn, if you had asked for milk or juice or... then he MIGHT have come back with water! Might!! If he wasn't the child of his parents it would work!!!