Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Baskets!

Easter Baskets!

Matey had the basketball basket and Kyler got the Baseball basket.

Even though these were the same baskets they collected eggs in the day before, they both checked to make sure they were grabbing the "right" one (aside from the books the baskets were identical). 

 Between the time the picture above and the picture below were taken Matey mis-behaved leading to a time out. This is why Kyler is no longer in the background. 

All of his loot spread out. 

He got a chocolate bunny, the eggs collected from the day before, additional eggs, "cup cakes" (little debbie cakes), a Bert and Ernie pirate book, play dough, bubbles, sidewalk chalk in the shape of a bunny, and color pencil.


Valinda said...

Matey was naughty so Kyler is gone? What color was his pencil, and why did he get just one, because he was naughty?

Tine said...

LOL. matey was naughty and went to time out, when he came back Kyler was already done and gone. It's one of those pencils where you change the color by switching colors to the top or bottom until you've cycled through .(see pencil at the bottom of the bottom picture)