Monday, December 26, 2011



 Matey's stocking.

 You still have to make your bed on Christmas morning!

 This one is for him, he's almost sure of it.

 Ahh, booty.

 I asked him to open his EYES wide... well... they're open too I guess.

 Fruit snacks?! Thanks Grammy!

 Cookie monster counting?! Thanks auntBeki!

Wood Animal Puzzles!

 Cars stuff?! Thanks Grammy!

 Toy Story puzzles!

 And another one!


 A number train puzzle!

 Another nother Toy Story puzzle!

 An airplane with nuts and bolts and a power screwdriver!

 An airplane board game!

 An animal train puzzle?! Thanks hteB!
(I know it's an 'alphabet' train but just try getting Matey to agree to that...)

Race cars with traks!

Matey got so many cool presents and had so much candy and fun food that it was a little bit like Berenstains Bears: Too Much Birthday. But we all survived and he loves all the presents. 

Thank you to everyone who helped make Matey's 3rd Christmas a happy time!

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An Wanna said...

Hooray for surviving! I was wondering what we are gonna do on NYE but it looks like Matey got lots of puzzles for me to play with him!