Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hands On Children's Museum (Oly)

Kyler and Matey! On the way to the Museum.

Adjusting his microphone.

Pointing out the Mommy and baby deer.

In the tree house!

Looking at animal x-rays.

In the ticket booth, with a great little smile.

He is very comfortable turning handles/wheels. Even if they are pointless.

Matey did not need the tool belt, the tool belt did not fit, but yet the silly Mommy insisted on a picture. 

Painting the house (the goggles were his idea).

Screwing the house.

Determining if I pulled the strap tight enough to comfortable fit on his head.

He played in these rocks, shoveling them into the back of the truck and wheelbarrows, for at least 10 min.

Driving the dump truck.

Pushing on the giant Pin Art wall.

Pushing back and forth with Kyler to see who can do it faster.

Playing in the water.

Hanging out in a cave at the sea shore.

Very dissapointed because I made the mistake of telling him he could go "in" the light house, and he took that to mean he'd be able to "reach/play with the light" in the the light house.

He knew right what to do here! Practicing his egg collecting skills for the next time we go see Cathy!

I thought it was adorable that Matey knew he needed to turn on the water first before the hose would work. He did not however pretend to turn the water off when he was done. 

Watering the vegetables. 

"Eating" a hamburger. 

Driving an ambulance.

Playing with trains.

All done and not co-operating with the Mommy as we drive home.
It was a LOT of fun. We went with our roommates and had a BLAST! It was over 2 hours of too many small children and boredom for parents but that's not what it was about. They are currently in the process of building a bigger Children's Museum and I fully agree that they should. 

I'm not sure if we're going to be able to go again before the new one is up and running but we will definitely be back, and call ahead to see when it's less crowded so that the grown-ups can play with the kids and sneak some educational-ness in there. A couple times I wanted to point out the science or engineering behind something but couldn't because of noise or other small children. 

Also some places were too crowded for Matey to feel comfortable going in so we passed them all together. In any event when we go back my roommate and I decided we would definitely bring something to keep us entertained because if it had been up to the boys we would have been there for several more hours... 


An Wanna said...

Looks like fun! You should convince one Matey's adoring fans to take him sometime when they are visiting!

And I could tell you didn't let him stay as long as he wanted when you said he only shoveled rocks for 10 min!

Grammy said...

Now I understand the previous random pinart handprint photo! Looks like it was lots of fun!!! Maybe Matey and I should add it to our agenda?!