Monday, July 2, 2012

Without his chubby butt on it the stack of pillows and blankets was about 4 feet high. Matey was so pleased with himself that he made it all the way to the top, completely missing the fact the pile was only half as high once he got on it. 

 At the park with water sprinklers. 
 It was a bit of a chilly day but we drove to it and I was going to get him in the water. 

 After a while he got in the spirit of it and had a blast. 

He's doing well and seems to be completely over his recent cough, although he still tries to talk me into giving him medicine, apparently it tastes too good.

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An Wanna said...

Yeah you should get cough syrup like the stuff that killed tom sawyer's cat. If I remember correctly he didn't like fenugreek much, try that,