Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Matey Goes to the Zoo... Again!

Matey saw other kids climbing the polar bears that welcome you at the Zoo's entrance, so he wanted to climb them too.

He wasn't sure what to do once he got to the top.

Matey picked the fastest steed on the Merry-Go-Round

And enjoyed the music selection (they played the theme song from Up! and he recognized it.)

He was NOT impressed with the lemurs. 

But did jump at the opportunity to brush every goat (7 or 8) in the petting area.

Great Uncle Troy and Great Aunt Tish were in town, so we met them at the zoo and it was so much fun!

(From left to right: Grammy, Kira (cousin), Great Aunt Tish, and Matey!)

As always, this little pirate is entranced with the fishes...

Matey refused to touch a sea cucumber for me, but did pet the starfish. 

He got close to touching the sea urchin, but wasn't quite bold enough.

"This is a BIG FISH!" ~Matey


Matey was sad that he couldn't pet the beaver.

The tiger was Mateys FAVORITE. We stayed 10 min while the man threw the tiger snacks and Matey was NOT happy when we left. 

Looking at the barn owl.

He thought the walrus was pretty silly for sucking on his flipper. 

At the... zoo... Otters maybe? 

From left to right: CC (cousin), Matey, Great Aunt LeAnna, and Kira (cousin).

It was SO much fun. Matey loved seeing all his extended family. All in all there was: Grammy, Aunt Beki, Mommy, Matey, Great Aunt LeAnna, CC, Great Uncle Troy, Great Aunt Tish, Austin, and Kira.

So many people to love and adore him and they did.

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An Wanna said...

Psh, who needs lemurs? And you should totally be able to pet ALL the animals at the zoo!