Saturday, March 13, 2010


So for thePirates birthday I went shopping and bought some clothing. Here are some pictures.

This pose was not my idea. AnWanna told me to be a skier. The hooded shirt is super comfy and the pants are skinny-jean-ish sort of things and way comfy as well. They are sewn like jean with the same sort of pockets ect but are not jean material.

I feel bad that the clothing I got was pretty much entirely mono-chromatic but that's all they had. This shirt is cutie and I like the length of the sleeve.

Very similar to the last shirt but bigger/longer buttons, and the sleeves are different too.

This shirt is kinda pregnant-ie but I really like the sleeve detail. I think it will work really good with one of my skirts, but doesn't look half bad with the skinny jeans (also a new purchase).

This shirt is super cute, more a fancy shirt than everyday wear.

It looks white but when it's by real white you can tell its ivory. I also got one in Champagne. Here's another good shot of the skinny jeans.

I also got two tank tops and a pair of jeans (the jeans i grabbed at the end and won't fit properly until i get back to before Matey came into my life). So lets recap: 3 pairs of pants and 8 shirts. Guess how much I spent. Go on, guess.

NOPE! You're wrong. I got them all, brand new for only $22. WalMart was getting rid of it's clearance clothing because they have/had a new shipment coming in so they marked down the clearance to $2 a piece.

They should do that more often.

However the bathing suits they have out... you couldn't pay me to get/wear one. They were gross.


Sass Princess said...

You look soo cute!! I love the shirt that you think looks pregnat-ie!!

Valinda said...

cute clothes for a great price! You must have a super cool sister who taught you to shop sales. :)