Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday thePirate!

I keep trying to post video but it won't load so I am ALL sorts of unhappy.

Happy Birthday to you (thePirate), Happy Birthday to you (thePirate), Happy Birthday dear Daddy (thePirate), Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Happy Birthday thePirate dear. Happy day's will come to you each year (as soon as you come home). If I had a wish (that i knew would come true) then it would be: a Happy Happy Birthday to you from me (or that you'd be home tomorrow).

This day is such a special day(unlike yesterday that was boring) its Birthday time for you(you're old now), we'd really like to celebrate this special day with you (too bad you're in Iraq). Zip-a-dee-A and hidey-ho, there's something we can do! We'll sing a song that we all know : Happy Birthday to you! (thePirate)

It's you're birthday (unless i'm horribly mistaken), shout Hooray! (or whatever it is the army shouts) We're going to sing (post) for you today. One year older (for sure) and wiser too (maybe), Happy Birthday to you!

thePirate turns 26 today! Although for him it might have been yesterday... not sure how the time difference works. Anyway: hooray for him.

Matey is doing VERY well. He has 10 teeth (4 on top and bottom in the fronts and 2 molars on the top). Matey LOVES going outside and has no separation anxiety when we're out there. I was digging in the garden and he was helping me, that is until I looked up and saw him 30ish feet away heading happily for the chicken coop. I shouted at him that he was supposed to be helping me and I asked how long he had left me for- he looked at me over his shoulder, smiled, and changed course heading for LittleUncleJon's bike.

Matey can also Stand very well. I tried to get video of it up but it won't load. It's very sad. He doesn't understand why we want him too: he can't touch or play with anything while he does, so it doesn't happen very often but he can.

Matey loves to play games: he'll crawl to the stairs, climbs up two of them so he can hide behind the curtain and waits for someone to come get him. On your approach (if you stomp you're feet so he's sure to hear you) he'll giggle or squeal and if you say (with the curtain still closed) "Where's Matey?" he'll straight up laugh. Then you tear the curtain back and giggle him and he'll just laugh and laugh.
Or you won't notice that he ran behind the stairs and will look for him, and he'll think you're just playing but are slow so he'll try and move the curtain and end up falling down the few steps he had gone up. But 95% of the time I know where he is and no one gets hurt.

(the tub pictures are a day we were in the garden)

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Grammy said...

That's why Grammy's tub has a tan film on the bottom! and here I was blaming JE! Matey ALSO loves mint M&Ms . . . in case anyone was wondering for His birthday next month ;-}