Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pictures by Matey

Our Television set up. It's really Joe's but we're trying to convince him to leave it when he moves out.

Matey's stomach/legs

I believe this picture was taken by Kyler, of Matey.

A picture of Kyler, taken by Matey.
Matey is currently learning how to Use the Potty. Last night he went #1 before bed, and this morning he woke up DRY, then went #1 again! We're still working on #2 but we're getting there. He's doing a great job and is looking forward to being a Big Boy.

 (he's not a big boy till he's in underwear. Right now he's a little boy)

We're also starting plans for Matey's Pirate themed birthday. Sounds like fun!


Grammy said...

great photos and a great little boy! xoxoxox

Valinda said...

It's Ansel Adams in the making, these will be worth big bucks someday.