Thursday, March 1, 2012

thePirates baby girl is back!

I'm sure you all remember the first time you met Jane (Christine). No? Refresh your memories HERE.

She has VERY long hair for a girl her age. (is it just me or does he remind anyone else highly of George in this pic?)

Very, Very long.

Oh Look! Mommy is blonde too! That only makes sense if baby is blonde. 

thePirates birthday is this month (hooray for thePirate) and as a present we are going to be updating EVERYDAY! That's right: I will succeed. Even if it means a lot of midnight posts when I forget. 

So check back often and start the bids on how many days I go before missing one. 

1 comment:

Grammy said...

Will it offend you if I mention Christine does blonde "better" than Mommy? lol
I really wish someone would find the 'starfish' video while my grandchild is still the age you were in it. You were SO stunningly beautiful that in comparison Christine would lose, sad but true!
Love you both and I am rooting for NO misses xoxoxox