Wednesday, November 4, 2009

hitting milestones all over the place

Matey has always been a stander- since 3 months old he prefers to stand over sitting, on his back, or on his stomach and for a while now (a month or so) he's been able to stand while holding on to something without anyone supporting him. but today he figured out how to pull himself up into a standing position and then grab the chicken off of Mommy's plate.

This morning he had pulled himself up from crawling on the floor to trying to crawl in the dishwasher, and while I was impressed with him its only a 6 inch gap between the floor and dishwasher lid (when the door is open) and I was more concerned with him pulling out the bottom rack (which he successfully did as I picked him up because I hadn't realized he had grabbed hold of it again). But this evening I was sitting on the floor with my plate on the ottoman feeding Matey occasional pieces of potato when all of the sudden his face rises over the edge of the ottoman and his hand grabs the chicken off of my plate.

Now he was on his stomach and the top of the ottoman is like 2+ feet off of the ground and all by himself he managed to haul himself up. (I rescued the chicken before he dropped it on the ground, he will hold on to food and bring his hand to his mouth but 95% of the time he eats his hand and not the food)

So I'm just bragging that my baby (your grandson, nephew, whatever) is amazing and ahead of his time ( I checked and most kids can't till like 8 or 9 months meaning he's a month or two ahead).

Matey is still wobbly on his feet and falls over when standing unattended but its usually when he tries to walk over to something, when he stands still he stays up for much longer. And he lets go! Which gives his Mommy heart attacks. He'll be holding on to something (me, the chair, the ottoman) let go with one hand completely and then will hover his remaining hand over whatever it is and quickly drop it back down when he starts to shake.

He's always trying to outdo himself and when he doesn't drop his hand back soon enough and falls over and bonks his head he is HIGHLY upset at me. Oh well.

We still love him.


An Wanna said...

Well if you would stop making the floor jump up and hit him he wouldn't need to give you dirty looks.

Grammy said...

An Wanna changed his diaper and went to feed her chickens. He watched me at the computer (still on his back)as I read the post to him - then he rolled over, smiled, crawled over to us (the computer and I) and happily started chewing on the cord for H2's Ipod... well, it IS plugged into the usb docking station on the floor!
the wv is "impsin" just saying...

Valinda said...

What a great kid! If he wasn't giving you heart attacks what else would you have to do during the day?