Monday, November 2, 2009

i want one...

Little Matey with his booty. He Loved the lollipop and was sad I wouldn't let him eat the whole thing.

This is el diablo getting candy from the nice man.

Matey really wasn't sure what the heck was going on and found it annoying that people kept ringing the doorbell at our house just to stare at him while Mommy gave away all his candy. Then once it was his turn he was still a little confused for the first couple houses on why people were now giving him candy but when it became apparent that no one was really going to touch him and that we were going to be outside for a bit he got into the spirit of things and had fun.

What a cute little chugga mugga.

This is the cat that I could have if some people weren't allergic (and if the lease allowed it).

I want a kitty! I really do. They're so cute and fuzzy and it would give me something to play with, right now I just sit around all day long and that is SO boring.


Grammy said...

he looks so cute!
George - he looks like a ... he looks like... what is he?
My answer, a little devil didn't really help her ;-}

Beki said...

Ummmmmmm.... I thought you had something cute to play with??