Thursday, November 12, 2009

Obsession for Men. By Matey

Matey has had a long fascination with cords: computer, printer, phone chargers, VCR, DVD player... anything with a cord is good as long as the cord fits in his mouth.

This is where I left before going to the bathroom. I figured he'd stay put seeing as how he had a huge cord to love on.

This is where he was when I got out. It's only 5-6 feet away but I was still surprised, mostly that he picked a box over the cord. Apparently he could just sense that the box was full of all sorts of lengths of cords, which was way cooler than the big cord.

And yes, he is on his feet. It's a regular thing now.

Love for thePirate.

ps. Matey now has two more teeth now- bringing the count up to 4.


Grammy said...

and since he IS his own person the teeth are NOT two on top and two on bottom! He has one on top and three on the bottom, the extra bottom one being on the side opposite of the top tooth, naturally ;-}

El Cid said...

Ropes are important on a pirate ship