Tuesday, February 15, 2011

no good deed goes unpunished

i needed less responsible parents. that's right mom: i'm blaming you.

last night i couldn't fall asleep (i had gotten my second wind) so i was texting with people who i knew would also be awake. so we were talking and then one of them stops responding to my texts, i think maybe they're bored of me, or found a real girl to talk to or any number of things.

20 min later they're knocking on my door. it's after midnight. i ask what's up and they said they came over to keep me company until i could sleep.

... ok...

i was trying to think of a nice way to say: i'm actually kinda tired now. when i realized that they were not in a position to be driving. they weren't like falling down drunk or anything like that but certainly would not have been able to walk a straight line for Mr. Police Officer.

so now my new game plan is to stay up a bit later, talk some, see if they sober up or what. we watch some Robot Chicken (the second episode was HILARIOUS) and then Aqua Teen Hunger Force comes on and they fall asleep within 5-10 min.

well i guess that means that they arn't going to be sobering up enough to get home huh.

i wake them up, lay them out on the couch, pat their head and tell them happy valentines day.

i'm now in my bed with chubby in his. eye's closed, breathing slowed down, when what do i hear? they're puking.


as i get out of bed and walk down the hall all i'm thinking is that i hope they're puking on the couch and not the carpet. luckily they weren't too far gone and had gotten to the trash. i asked if they were ok and they nodded their head and i went back to bed.

I realize that if I don't want drunk people in my house I shouldn't make friends with people who drink- which was taught to me. However: I did not ask for them to come over, and once they were over it was clear that they could not pass a road test I could not conciously let them drive home- this is the part i'm blaming on you mom.

So i'm going to console myself with the thought that I saved someone's life last night, getting a tipsy driver off the road, and if there is a next time (which i'll be letting them know there will not be) i'll just call them a cab.

i realize i've been using 'them' and 'they' for clarification: it was just one person.


Valinda said...

LMAO ... call a cab, for sure!

Grammy said...

I will chip in for cab fare as penance - SORRY Tiney!

An Wanna said...

yeah but were they at least hot?

Tami said...

no one who pukes in the trash gets to be cute for 48 hours.

Lorraine said...

Ooooeerr!!! this did make me chuckle though, lol.