Friday, August 28, 2009

Life's a Beach

thePirate had today off of work so we took a break from packing and went to the beach.
He got up at 4ish to go fishing (Matey and I slept) and then we all headed out to Titlow
around... noonish/1ish.
This is thePirate and his fishing poles. (He caught 3 fishes)
all of us together...

thePirate and his Matey

Mommy and Matey (bad picture of Mommy)

Our little Matey slept for about 5-10 min before rolling over and waking up very
disgruntled at being suddenly on the sand. Luckily he was in good spirits when he awoke.
Tomorrow we'll be doing more packing and my goal is to get a start on the kitchen and have
thePirate get his gear together and off the floor.


Grammy said...

You rolled your baby in sand??? Yeesh, someone needs to keep an eye on you all the time mommy!
thePirate looks SO good in these photos and I love the one of Matey with his mommy, he looks more grown up.
JE is going to help me with some packing tomorrow...excess Kitchen stuff and Unpacking things I need for the office. We will be twins finding our dining room floors on the same day! thePirate wouldn't understand the twin is like jellyfish and pancakes not having bones ;-Þ

Valinda said...

LOL he has such fantastic expressions! Are you showing him lots of pictures of us so he won't be scared the entire time he's here? Good luck packing!

El Cid said...

Hey, the Pirate was able to catch enough fish for the entire family! One for each of you; how did Matey like his fish?