Monday, August 31, 2009

Yur Mom

(for AnWanna)
As we were leaving the beach I found this and just had to get a shot of it.
Well, thePirate managed to get lots done this weekend *yay*, he's got his gear all packed and I think most if not all of his normal people stuff.
Matey is learning how to crawl but might be damaged by the time he gets the hang of it. At the moment he's found out that if he lifts his butt and moves his legs he magically gets closer to stuff, he has not however discoved you get there a lot quicker and without bumping your head on it if you lift up your chest. I'll try and take a video of him with his face smushed against the ground and his little feet working hard to move him a few inches to whatever he thinks he wants.
The more mobile he gets the less cautious he seems to be and I need to actually start watching him when I put him down on the ground, gone are the days where I could leave him after changing his diaper (to throw it away) and come back and find him happily fighting the diaper bag. Yesterday when I returned soemthing else had caught his eye (not sure what) and he was bumping his head in an effort to get to it. Poor little Matey had a red spot but it cleared up after a few minutes.
I guess that'll teach me to walk away.


Grammy said...

Or it'll teach you to have something interesting NEARBY before you leave to toss that diaper! Like Uncle JonE or Grammy or AnWanna or Uncle Brent OR a toy or stuffed animal might work
If AnWanna paints on our curb I'm blaming YOU Tiney!!!

An Wanna said...

No yur mom!

El Cid said...

My Mom? Where?