Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Cuteness

Look: we have 1/2 a kid! Isn't it a great Family Portrait?

This is from back in the day when thePirate had cuter hair than he currently does and Matey still fit that outfit (picture from early July).

No don't tilt your head, Matey is up in the air (and lovin' it).

thePirate would now like to introduce to you all: *he doesn't remember* ... native wild baby king or something like that.

Now we know that Matey would be a really ugly girl. (Can't you just see the bangs and bob cut?)

Well thePirate was able to mark off one of his "to do's" however I looked around and am adding two more... poor poor Pirate...


El Cid said...

Now you just need to more kids so you'll have 2.5 kids just like everyone else in America (based on that 1/2 kid in the first pic)

Grammy said...

(psst! ElCid! Tiney is 'done'. Duck if you hear anything "pushing through the air" toward you);-}
Beautiful pictures Tiney, keep 'em coming!
Do I suppose thePirate will have a list to take with him to Iraq?
email Moga and Matey daily
make kissie noises while facing west
You know, a 'to do' list of the loving daddy sort...

An Wanna said...

I like the wild baby king he is cute!

Valinda said...

That's a cute baby wig - George