Monday, August 3, 2009

on the road

so here we go! to grammys house! with loads of boxes! unfortunately we won't be seeing grandma or beki or Vdonn but well... i guess it keeps me from being spoiled. 'sides we'll see you all eventually i promise. This one (below) looks like someone... i can't put my finger on who...

This one reminds me heavily of Leucas and the girls.

And this one is all thePirate in a smaller more charming package.

I like that Matey is a well balanced blend of both thePirate and I.


Grammy said...

And sometimes "Jr" and sometimes little Uncle JonE and sometimes a Moga look on a not Moga face ;-}

El Cid said...

Promises, promises

Valinda said...

That one, it's Brent and Dad! Grandma has a picture of Dad making that face on that set of three pics and Brent is making that face in the pic of me in my blessing dress he just has his tongue out as well.