Monday, January 25, 2010

All About Matey

This picture is for AuntValinda (it just reminds me of the girls). After dragging the fan around by its cord he came into the kitchen where I was prepping dinner and opened the drawer then proceeded to unload it.

The cutie cute.

The whiney cutie cute.

(Hard to see) this is my baby's first paper cut. *tear* (the redder part on the inside bend of his thumb, it was bleeding).

More whiney-ness. I thought this didn't kick in till he was 2.

Hanging with Grammy.

She's so silly (i.e. fun).

Sweeping up after himself.

oops! forgot to turn it... its more artsy this way.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I have no excuse. No good excuse anyways. I will try and be better. Tomorrow I'll be posting pictures of Mommy!


Grammy said...

I don't see the series of him being mad, madder and maddest the other night when you had the NERVE to photograph his fit!!!
He is SO busy, he should go to work for Grammy...

An Wanna said...

Maybe he wouldn't cry lots if you didn't pinch and/or neglect him so much.

George said...

He's mopping! He's funny, he's always funny.