Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All About Mommy

Here's pictures of my new hair for thePirate.

This is it "done". *kisses*

This is it in pig tails "done".

Not really the best pic of the hair but my eyes look huge.

Pigtails with hair "done". I like pigtails with this length hair.

Better shot of the hair "done".

I like this shot.

Pigtails with the hair not "done". I think it looks better "done".

This is the hair down un"done".

So. There it is.


Valinda said...

You look more grown up! I like it. You need a tripod, maybe I should get you one for your birthday.

Grammy said...

tripods are good... I like your hair.
the not done pig tails look like the little girl from years ago!

ThePirate said...

WOW........ UMMMMMMMM, let me pick my jaw up and say. You look wonderful Tami, I love the haircut, and then new pictures of the manchild. I love you Tami and Jon Christopher too. *HUGS**KISSES* I'll call tonight.

Me said...

Is the rest of the brown sweater as cute as the top? And if so, when are you sending it to me? :) Oh, right, and nice hair.