Wednesday, January 6, 2010

For thePirate

Every time I talk to him "why arn't there any pictures of you" or "i want some pictures of you..." sheesh, its like he likes seeing me or something.

So I've decided to appease him.

Me and my baby boy Matey, who's not going to look at the camera if there's ANYONE sharing his limelight.

This time I caught him looking up but... well... its not his best shot.

And this is him not touching daddy's computer because that's not allowed. He's such the good boy.

I LOVE putting grown up hats on Matey, he looks so cute in them.

And exploring the hallway. Mommy keeps it swept so *hopefully* there's nothing yummy to eats.

I havemore pictures I hope to put up soon- I'll throw some money at LittleUncleJon and see if he can hold Matey so I can post (without little fingers grabbing at the keyboard from his cave).


Valinda said...

You are seriously boring. No wonder you aren't ever going to have more kids. We like the grown up hat too. It really is funny he looks not as cute in the together pictures.

Grammy said...

Ddonn, are you saying his mommy eclipses him?
You should see the little demon boy pictures I got of him the other day... he would look SO cute and smile at the camera but the flash would go off and then it captured an awful scary face...yeesh!

shadyrae said...

That kid is SO cute...He is such a beautiful, beautiful baby boy!!