Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fa Who Flor Ay, Da Who Door Ay

Christmas Morning came! With stockings!

With Candy!
With a Cat In The Hat (know's alot about that) coloring book!
With the coolest toy ever!
With puzzles! And Blankets!
And more puzzle sort of toys!
With noise making cash registers!
But most importantly with Family!

Matey had a lot of fun with all the family and toys and noise and food and candy and people to love him. We hope you had a lot of fun this holiday season too!


Valinda said...

Uhm what about the next week? And all the cousins who came to play?

Karen Valinda said...

We mostly Had fun because we had our Matey!!! And he shared his toys ;-}
Awesome pictures Tiney, very nice.