Monday, January 17, 2011

Pictures of the Boy

It's snow!

Smiling like a goon.
He's a saucy boy.
He is doing good. Letting his Momma know when he needs to be changed. We went to the dentist and he freaked (It was bad timing) and so we're going again in a week for a happy visit.

The dentist did say that his teeth were bad and wants to do something for them, but if Matey can't behave then he'll recommend us to a Children specific dentist.

In hopes of getting Matey to co-operate with the nice man we play dentist every day after brushing our teeth. I let him poke in my mouth and then I get to look and poke in his. He thinks it's great fun so hopefully next time will be a breeze.

This dentist lives like 3 blocks from us so super easy to get to and I'm sure the guy he would recommend us to is not as close.

1 comment:

Grammy said...

There is SNOW on his balcony! Amazing
My saucy boy looks on the woozy side, what was IN that sauce, Mommy?
That is the Handsomest Goon Grammy ever saw ~ we'll take him!