Friday, January 14, 2011

Pictures By Matey

Mateys mouth and nose

Finger and carpet
Couch and wall (and blanket from christmas)
Fingers and blinds
Couch and sweatshirt
wall and ceiling meet
severe upshot of his chin
only he knows
shoe rack and toys
Matey wants everyone to know that these were taken unaided by him.


Valinda said...

wow digital has done quite a bit for those first photos.

Grammy said...

He doesn't plan on quitting his day job, does he?
I think a little more o.j.t. is required before the world will accept his genius for what it is ;-}
Grammy loves that the camera survives these episodes - phew!

An Wanna said...

Cool! The mouth one reminds me I need to ask you about his trip to the dentist...