Thursday, January 6, 2011

there were other people too.

Other people were there too. We didn't take much pictures of them.
Matey and George in the bath.
Jr. has something that looks yummy and favorite AuntValinda is capturing the moment.
Jr. and Matey think something is funny.
Even Abuelo made it over!
This is a picture that Matey took all by himself completely unaided. Its AuntBeki

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Grammy said...

Matey has the makings of a good photographer! I like that he aims at other people and NOT Grammy ;-}
Do you have the pictures of his haircut or does Ddonn?
The picture with Abuelo has our Christmas cactus in it and one of the blooms is visible! Proof positive that the silly thing has given up Easter and Thanksgiving and is celebrating its namesake!!!
I love the AuntBeki photo, thank you Matey xoxoxox