Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I don't think that I'm eating enough during the day here. It's not good. I continually find myself eating after 7:30pm and subsequently find myself having the most horrible heartburn during the night. 

At home I'd get heartburn but only this bad once (when I had eaten late) and it was only once, not three days in a row. Yesterday it occured to me that I needed to eat more earlier but apparently I failed because at 8pm last night I ate food and here I am at 5am not able to sleep from stomach acid pushing up my throat. 

I've been up since 4 and have taken stuff for it- the first things I took (herbs) did not work so I've taken something stronger (medicines)- and hopefully I'll be able to get back to sleep soon. 

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Valinda said...

Hate to break it to you but it might also be that he is getting bigger too. I hope you got more sleep, just close the curtains and tell them to get their own darn food.