Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stupid hair-cut

So before when Pirate had beautiful hair (3 inches long on top and only short enough to not get yelled at on the side) people didn't really pay him much attention. But then they started talking seriously about promoting him to sargent before depolyment, and since how he's in for another 3 years promotion would be good, so he cut his hair in the ugly normal military fashion to win brownie points.

It worked. Two days ago he's made "Team Leader" which is good I guess because it shows people trust him blah, blah, blah but now he tells me that he has to be back at Ft.Lewis 1600 Saturday to oversee something because he's the Team Leader. That's 4pm for normal people. So now we're leaving for Idaho Friday night after he gets off of work and he'll pretty much have to do an exact turn around to get back here on time.

I'm blaming his stupid haircut, I never even heard of this Team Leader position until his hair was gone and now it's screwing up my plans. That's just SO much driving for him... stupid haircut.

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Valinda said...

I hate responsibility. It ruins all sexiness. ElCid can't have a goatee because he's a partner blah, blah, blah.