Friday, April 10, 2009

Homesick and Vindication

It's very much different taking care of a cutie husband than it is taking care of older siblings and parents (taking care being cleaning up and making dinner ect.). I'm missing the freedom of my own house as well as thePirate and possibly even the fishies. 

Cathy (my midwife) always asks me if movement is "good" ... I don't know, Matey's my first baby- I continually think that he's trying to break out early so I always just respond that yes his movements "good". Well this prenatal Le checked Matey's position at the begining and he was ROP (on the right with his back to my back) and at the end (half an hour later) Cathy wanted to double check his position and he was LOA (on my left with his back to my belly). So within half an hour he had managed to swirl all the way around, I'm pretty sure that's "good movement". 

I just have to keep reminding myself that being here is best for Matey and that it's good practice for when thePirate goes back to fighting and looking for bombs. It's only a month (or more, or less, depening on when Matey decides he's "done") and I'm sure once thePirate is in the field and not sitting at home without me I'll feel better about not being there. 


Kathy said...

You still have the option of my house ... Valinda

Beki said...

Ummmmmmmmm......... don't they know they should be taking care of *you*??

Anonymous said...

Hey she does things on her own cuz we is gone all day. Nobody makes her make food or nothin