Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm done now.

While Matey seems to have realized that my bladder is not a pillow and I can now last more than an hour without going to the bathroom, he hasn't stopped growing. The weight of him pushing down on my pelvic bone/uterine/whatever-is-going-on is highly uncomfortable and I'm hungrier than ever.

Because Pirate will be gone for half of April and I'm planning on birthing in Idaho anyhow we're heading over this weekend and there's still quite a bit to do. ... Well I guess there's not much that I need to get done, just wash and pack my own clothes, but there's stuff that only Pirate can do and while he's cute he's also very busy (has been made a task/group leader which is like being sargent without a rank or pay change) and is a boy and theres only two days for him to get it done before I leave.

I don't want to leave, or rather I want to be back already: have Matey on the outside and be home with my husband.

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Valinda said...

Yay for Matey using Moga as a trampoline!!!! Just be grateful for this last month he still does what you want him to most of the time and he doesn't need as much stuff when you take him to the store.