Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Can babies be bulimic?

Matey doesn't spit up lots but when he does he gives me a look like "what was that for?" and then complains that hes hungry until I feed him, and then more often than not he'll spit up again (when he starts he forgets how to stop).

The times that he doesn't complain for more food is because he stopped himself halfway through spitting up and re-swallowed what was in his mouth.


Valinda said...

EWWW I think I just barfed in my mouth! "He probably just has reflux, he'll out grow it" No really those health care professionals are great like that. He can spit up all over me all day long and I won't even mind

Karen Valinda said...

and when Aunt Ddonn leaves he can start on Grammy! LeAnna's new book sez that 3 wks is a growth spurt too... I think the first one I mentioned was at 6 weeks... maybe he doesn't feel like 'spurting' thank you very much! It could be burps that are stuck... as long as he gains weight the doctors aren't likely to be concerned/helpful. Are you counting down the days until you are invaded? and re-invaded? And people who adore you are on hand 24/7 to take your every wish as their command? I mean even when thePirate is at work! And you have to demand that you be allowed to hold Matey when he is not actually eating... got that countdown calendar on the wall or fridge yet?